A button for installing extension from disk

  • It seems that the only way of installing CRX-extension from disk is dragging it to vivaldi://extensions page. Sometimes dragging is not a good option (e.g. when Vivaldi is running under another user account). Please add some button to vivaldi://extensions page for installing an extension from disk w/o dragging it (e.g. by selecting file in browse dialog or pasting its path).


  • @mvv_ Doesn't the "load unpacked extension" button in the developer mode of the extension site solve your problem? Of course if you unpack the crx first.

  • No, it doesn't. Loading unpacked extension is a temporary debug function, unpacked extension doesn't preserve its ID, and it is not convenient to unpack every extension that I want to install. So a button for passing filename to existing addon installation function w/o drag-and-drop would be handy.

    This was also mentioned here.

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