Movement of Tabs

  • In Opera and Chrome it's really easy to drag tabs off of the tab bar to create a new window, while in Vivaldi I am always seeming to have trouble with creating a new tab this way.


  • @fweeks Drag and drop the tab from the tabbar on a free space on your desktop or rightclick it and choose "move tab to new window" (or already existing window if there is one)

  • No I know this, I just wish it was easier to take the tabs off of a window, the tabs always seem to want to stick to the window that they are in, while in other browsers it's a very smooth and fluid motion to drag the tabs off.

  • Moderator

    The Opera 50 method of simply dragging and dropping the tab onto the current page is the right way to do this.

    • While you're waiting, just assign a shortcut such as Shift+F11 to "Detach Tab."
    • Alternatively, assign a mouse gesture. I recommend one that is not too easy to do accidentally, e.g. GestureDown, GestureRight, GestureUp.

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