Keep Multiple Backups of Sessions / Bookmarks / Notes / ...

  • Currently there is maximum 1 backup per item.
    It is about notes / bookmarks / sessions / etc.
    When Vivaldi overwrites last working backup (for example after horrible crash) of data I am.... reaaaaaally angry...

    Or just prevent overriding non-empty backup with empty one...

  • @rotfl I definitely agree. Vivaldi needs a Pro session saving. Manage, save, autodelete after a preferred time, autosave after xx minutes/hours.
    Save in case of crash. Automatically save the actual session before close.
    Also renaming and arrange the saved sessions like it was packed folders, to recall in any time (maybe by storing it in bookmarks section).

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    Use Export Bookmarks from time to time.

  • Folks, reading this post from @paul1149 there's a cool addon that can be used for purpose. I'll give a try as seems working fine.

  • @marko-indaco
    How well does the add-on work?

  • @ladyjane hey, sorry for late reply. This addon is a light session manager. Though it's not a full feature session restore addon. There's already many request to implement this feature on Vivaldi but, in the meanwhile, could be a good substitute.

  • I found this old thread and agree with the topic. However, I think the responses are irresponsible.

    I lost all of my bookmarks today. Both the bookmarks file and the bookmarks.bak file. Yes ... I know how to go into the profile and copy the bak file to overwrite the bookmark file to recover it. This is useless when both are lost. BTW, there is something in the file but Vivaldi can't read it.

    The answers of "backup periodically" or "use this cool extension" are irresponsible by any developer who wants a quality product.

    Vivaldi crashes constantly. I mean like every few hours. Tabs crash even more.
    Most of the time I can bring it back with no problems. What irks me is I closed Vivaldi normally and lost all my bookmarks. Obviously, this one bookmark backup written on closure is a really bad idea. This idea is awful. The system needs to be more robust.

    The "cool addon" mentioned in the post only backs-up by syncing with a Google account. Hello ... if I wanted anything to do with Google I would use Chrome not Vivaldi.

    So how about a timed backup to a location of the users choice with the default in the profile folder. Keep the last 10 backups. Firefox has a system like this and it works really well. One backup is just not safe. Asking the user to "periodically backup" really means "keep interrupting your workflow and backup" which really means "keep interrupting your workflow and open your file manager, surf to the Vivaldi profile and manually copy your bookmarks etc to your backup location. Oh, and do this every hour or so." That's not a practical backup scheme.

    Now to the built-in recovery system. It is absolutely useless. If I try to import from an HTML file when I navigate to my backup folder it can't see the HTML file. Fat lotta good that does.

    So you tell me to keep interrupting your workflow to backup multiple times a day but then I can't recover the data unless I manually backup the files. Does anyone but me see the stupidity of this scheme?

    So to summarize:

    1. Multiple automatic backups of critical data (bookmarks, login data, notes).
    2. A recovery system that actually works. It should also be easy and convenient for the non power-user.

    I lost a lot of data because of the current haphazard system. Please fix this or Vivaldi will not be worth using.

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    Threads merged.

    @exomancer said

    If I try to import from an HTML file when I navigate to my backup folder it can't see the HTML file. Fat lotta good that does.

    Using Windows, this is what I see after selecting HTML on the Import Bookmarks and Settings dialogue.

    0_1536093993966_Import Bookmarks.png

  • @pesala
    I see nothing in that window. I checked and the html file was there but the import dialog was completely empty and it was set to '.html' files. Therefore I could not import the html backup.

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    @exomancer Where did you save your bookmarks when you last exported them?

    0_1536122880058_Export Bookmarks.png

  • @pesala

    Where did you save your bookmarks when you last exported them?

    In a directory where I save backup info.

    I use Ubuntu:


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