Duplicated bookmark detection / cleanup

  • I'd like to have some embedded wizard to help me finding all of the doubled bookmarks.

    PS. Maybe even the same feature for Notes?... 😛

  • It may be sufficient to add a flat view option that does not show folder association on the internal vivaldi://bookmarks site. When sorted by address duplicate/similar urls are then located next to each other and can be easily identified.

    This approach involves presumably least amount of (additional) code and may have other practical use cases.

  • @becm Manual searching every item is too slow for me when having ~5000 bookmarks.

    After merging bookmarks from 6 machines I got a little mess...

  • I'm in the same boat.
    After a few upgrades / moves, across half a dozen different browsers, I have a lot of duplicate bookmarks and bookmark folders that are mostly impossible to clean up manually.

    I tried an extension for Chrome, but it didn't work (I'm guessing Vivaldi uses its own bookmark store).

  • @rotfl Also it need:
    Find broken URLs
    Merge duplicate folders
    Remove empty folders
    All of this need to have excluded folders option in preferences.

  • @rotfl Same here. Thumbs up for search and manage dupicated bookmarks, folders. It would make bookmark management much less of a hassle.

  • It should be fairly easy to parse bookmarks.html to create a text file for each entry (and also recreate the same folder structure). Then, any old duplicate file finder program could be used. (I usually use Ashisoft's. (semi-relevant shoutout to WinMerge and Directory Opus' flat view. (marginally-relevant shoutout to VisiPics and Bulk Rename Utility) - whoop whoop)) You'd delete the dupes using your app of choice, then a function would merge the contents of all the remaining text files back into a single HTML file (the inverse of the first function) which could then be imported back into Vivaldi (after deleting your bookmarks.adr file (after you make a backup (quasi-related shoutout to SyncBackPro (the free version is great too, but you can only copy, not move, files))). 👀

    Slightly convoluted, but I think it might save a lot of coding time, not having to duplicate the duplicate checking code... 👍

    Perhaps I'll tackle this as one of my first programming tasks... It really doesn't sound too difficult... (but don't hold your breath...)

  • If this feature gets implemented, please don't just auto-remove the links. I would like to review the duplicates and broken links first before they get deleted.

  • additionally grouping by host in bookmarks would be nice, like the current functionality in tab stacks

  • I'm working on a little utility that reads the bookmarks, throws out all the duplicates and outputs a new Bookmarks file. I'll share it when it's ready.

    I agree, though, that there should be such functionality present in either Vivaldi itself or in a web interface showing your sync data.

  • When implementing this feature, I would like to see a "duplicate" only be counted if they are in the same folder. A bookmark to the same page located in a different folder is not a duplicate to me. It is useful to be able to find the same page through different paths if desired.

    For example, it's useful to have a page included in a folder of links I may share with someone, but also in my Speed Dial. It would not be good if the dedupe process deleted either of those.

    But I am desperate for this feature. Especially since we do not have a mobile version of Vivaldi yet. I have to use another browser on my phone, use it to sync to my desktop version of that browser, then I export the bookmarks I've made on my phone and import them into Vivaldi where I then proceed to sort the folders where they belong.

    Watching for this feature with baited breath. Signed up for this feature, and one other big bug report I'm about to start searching for.


  • I need this badly . It doesn't seem like something that would be hard to implement.

  • @TheBinge said in Duplicated bookmark detection / cleanup:

    I need this badly .

    There are different extensions that do exactly this, try one, search for "chrome bookmark checker"

    It doesn't seem like something that would be hard to implement.

    try to code it yourself and see how many different problems you'll encounter while doing it.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I have to agree.
    This Chromium format for bookmarking is Bass Ackwards in my opinion.

    Something that can easily be exported in a format to put into a database where users can do Counts, easily find duplicates, idendtify dupes and duplicate folders to merge non duplicates and for deletion of those items no longer needed.
    Then clear all bookmarks (after backup) and import your work from the database.
    A simple VBcript is all that is needed for the user to Find broken URLs.

    Used to be able to do this in FF and old Opera with SQlite FF Add-on but now the bookmarking files are so convoluted this is impossible.

  • Moderator

    @Martin-Storch said in Duplicated bookmark detection / cleanup:

    If this feature gets implemented, please don't just auto-remove the links. I would like to review the duplicates and broken links first before they get deleted.

    I prefer this way too

  • we can add to the context menu two lines, one to close other duplicates of the current tab, and the other to close all duplicates of any tab.

  • I'm using AM-DeadLink to check it, but it doesn't delete them.

    Is there any plan to implement something like a "link checker" and option to delete bad links down the line?

  • @yrvkon I use extension Bookmarks clean up
    0.0.3, it has option to delete dead links but i haven't tried it yet


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