History / address bar blacklist ("Forget about this site")

  • I'd like to have some kind of blacklist for pages I'd like to be wiped from history / address bar MRU,


    • Facebook
    • GMail
    • bank services

    I'd like to be logged in on these sites.
    But there are some websites that just generate trashy history entries.
    Like mail (for me)
    I know that I visited webmail client. And I never want to go back to mails via browser history.
    So it will be reasonable to:

    • exclude entries about some site from history


    • delete entry about it after some delay

    It is also about MRU list in omnibox.

  • Blacklist like:

  • A dialog for manual launching feature like this will be also a nice addidion.

    Example scenario:
    Wipe all cookies / history entries from domain *facebook*


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