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    @coxynel To build a completely portable, yet secure version, requires either leaving it open to hacking, or developing an entirely new encryption scheme. Vivaldi will only issue a portable version when they can do so without putting user data at risk.

  • @ayespy I mean, nobody should save passwords on the usb stick, for the case of losing it.

    I don't know, how far is Google Chrome or Firefox "really portable" ....

  • @burbuja Chromium & Firefox are fully portable. I have Maxthon, Opera, Chromium & FireFox on my stick, all updated to the latest release and fully working as portable apps, without any issue. I don't know anything about Chrome, i've never used it.

    @Ayespy I understand, but how do Chromium (& Opera, FireFox or Maxthon) proceeds then ? Are they unsecure ? Anyway, I hope they will find a solution for Vivaldi, i'm using it on the current pc and i really love it.

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    @CoxyNEL Not sure what encryption scheme those do in order to make passwords and extensions portable. But until Vivaldi developers write a "go anywhere" encryption protocol to protect that data, there will not be a true portable Vivaldi.


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