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    @coxynel To build a completely portable, yet secure version, requires either leaving it open to hacking, or developing an entirely new encryption scheme. Vivaldi will only issue a portable version when they can do so without putting user data at risk.

  • @ayespy I mean, nobody should save passwords on the usb stick, for the case of losing it.

    I don't know, how far is Google Chrome or Firefox "really portable" ....

  • @burbuja Chromium & Firefox are fully portable. I have Maxthon, Opera, Chromium & FireFox on my stick, all updated to the latest release and fully working as portable apps, without any issue. I don't know anything about Chrome, i've never used it.

    @Ayespy I understand, but how do Chromium (& Opera, FireFox or Maxthon) proceeds then ? Are they unsecure ? Anyway, I hope they will find a solution for Vivaldi, i'm using it on the current pc and i really love it.

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    @CoxyNEL Not sure what encryption scheme those do in order to make passwords and extensions portable. But until Vivaldi developers write a "go anywhere" encryption protocol to protect that data, there will not be a true portable Vivaldi.

  • so you are saying the devs are not able to make it fully portable, despite every other browser is available as a portable app? like for m3 im waiting for this to happen since years..

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    @schreck I didn't say they are not able. I said "until Vivaldi developers write a 'go anywhere' encryption protocol'..." There is probably little to no limit to what the Vivaldi devs are able to do. But it's a small team, and there are priorities - one of which does not include portable at the moment. Portable is not among the top 30 requested features (it only has 27 votes, ranking it 43rd). Mobile is among the top 10, and is being actively developed. But not portable.

    I have been waiting for a vertical bookmark bar for over four years. That also has not been priority. In the meantime, over 129 new features have been introduced, and more continue to come with each release. It can't be predicted at this time, when we might see portable.

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    @schreck said in Portable Version:

    despite every other browser is available as a portable app

    Chrome, which vivaldi uses as Base, is not available as a fully portable app (there's some issues with passwords) , so that makes it difficult for Vivaldi to manage.


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