Enable/disable pop up blocker in Vivaldi

  • Hi, I could not find an option to enable/disable the pop up blocker in the browser. Is this not made available as yet or did I overlook this option in the settings menu ? If its not included as yet would it be part of an upcoming release of this browser ? I think its a useful feature to have ..... regards, Sundeep Kamath

  • Moderator

    The basic pop-up blocker of Chromium is already active, but it's laughable when compared to Opera (Presto). When it blocks a pop-up you should see a notice asking to disable it for all pages or just that page. But you won't be able to change these settings after you allow.

    An option in the settings may come in the future but since Chromium popup blocker is basically useless I don't see a priority.

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    There's a checkbox in Page Actions for "Content Blocker." I don't know if it's per page, per session, per session/page or what, don't know what if anything it blocks, and don't know if it even works.

  • Enabling this "Content Blocker" didn't helped at all.
    Even google open search results in new tab, instead of same tab as it always was for me in old Opera with "Do not accept popup windows".
    Sadly, I uninstalling vivaldi again 😕
    It still not usable, unless someone want to manually close a lot of trash tabs.


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