How to change the cache folder?

  • Hi. I changed my cache folder using the chromium method (adding --user-data-dir=x:\cache-folder to the shotcut) but when I open making double click on a page I get a totally different browser (obviously) Is there a method to change the cache folder from "inside" Vivaldi. Thanks

  • Well you could just install Vivaldi as "standalone" with all the data in the same folder and then put that wherever you want…
    Is there a specific reason why you want to change the cache folder?
    The only reason I can think of is if you have a SSD and want to limit the amount of Writes to it... but a typical SSD can handle more than 500TB of writes with some even going up to 2PB, by the time you ever reach that you will have changed computer long ago. My SSD has over 5TB of writes on it and I've owned it for a year now.

  • Well, I have an older computer and my main HD is pretty full, so I moving all I can to the 😨 disk.

    I though to use the mklink statement to link the cache folder, maybe this work.


  • 1. the chromium tip works if you make an installation for all users, instead of a standalone.

    2. before clicking on the link with the different path in the command line, copy the whole content of the default Vivaldi's "User Data" into the new destination you've created: Vivaldi will "read" the profile you've already changed and modified the way you like.


  • Thanks, I´ll try it right now.
    Thanks, indeed.


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