Provide Master Key Password for Sync

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    After set up encrypted password, provide MASTER Key password to recovery data, if user forgot a password.

    Using the Key, will allow users to access synchronized data and then set up a new password.

    Also It should be possible to save into the .txt document file for example.

    Example Master Key: lRo9lpUeDZ45OGA-XZ3-oA

  • I don't really get why you want to do this. Just in case you lose the sync password? And what if you lose the master key password?

    btw - my sync password looks vaguely similar to you example master key...

  • Moderator

    @morg42 great, then you have super strong password ;-)

  • @cheve11e_191 Thats more or less the purpose of it...

    Still - why don't you use your "example master key" as sync password, write it down and be done with it?
    Furthermore, as long as you have an instance of Vivaldi running, you can forget your password all you want and just start sync anew...

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