Don't Hibernate Pinned Tabs

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    To the Settings -> Tabs -> Pinned Tabs, add option for Don't Hibernate Pinned Tabs

  • @cheve11e_191 Doesn't that already exist?

  • Or even allow to flag particular tabs as "DO NOT HIBERNATE".
    Current behaviour sucks.

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    @cheve11e_191 It's under Settings/Startup/Always load pinned tabs.

  • @ayespy "Always load" sounds more like "load them all" than "prevent hibernating".
    If it works this way then caption is... inappropriate?

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    @rotfl It probably doesn't prevent hibernation always under all circumstances, but it makes sure they are not hibernated on startup. During my normal usage, I've yet to notice that pinned tabs ever hibernate, but perhaps they do.

    Edit: I just tried using the "Hibernate Background Tabs" option in the context menu, and yes, it does hibernate pinned tabs as well.

  • Individual "hibernation prevention" per tab would be brilliant solution.

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