Add Submenu to Tiling Context Menu

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    Currently context menu entries are "Tile Tab Stack" and "Tile X Tabs".

    Both of them should have a submenu containing

    • horizontally
    • vertically
    • to grid

    with their respective icons taken from status bar and their respective shortcuts.

    Screen suggestion:


  • I would add also that this submenu should also appear when you select no tab. In this case the tab clicked with the menu is automaticaly understood to be tiled with the current tab. The menu changes its caption to a kind of "Tile with the current tab". In this special case a double-clicking would be even quicker. Then the statusbar tiling icon should never be grayed also.

  • I would love to see this as well! I would definitely prefer this over having to manage the tiling settings from the Status bar. It's the only thing that keeps me from disabling the Status bar completely, which I would like to do for a more clean layout.

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    @mluck94 Shortcuts are much quicker. If you assign your own they are easier to remember than the defaults. These are what I use:

    0_1521868950490_Tiling Shortcuts.png

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