Huge delay after mouse click.

  • I thought I would try Vivaldi again. There are a lot of things about the browser I like. But....this one thing is what turns me off from using it.

    I went to a site for one of my customers, typed in a user name and password and clicked on Login. Nothing happens. I don't see the bar across the top of the page showing progress.

    I know it's the browser. I hit the same site with Chrome, IE, and Firefox, I can login with no problems. The times that I have tired Vivaldi, this is always the thing that keeps me from making it the browser I want to use.

    Has anyone found a way to over come this? I would really like to keep using Vivaldi, but in a work environment I can't do my job with a browser that does not respond to mouse clicks.

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    @gwallace Without knowing the site and your platform specs, it's hard to guess. No such thing happens here, on any site I use.

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