Problem with Video, lost login, slow scrolling performance - since 1.14

  • 1 - Videos load with sound but only show a white screen. This happens on YouTube, Twitch, and with embedded videos on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. I have gone through all hardware acceleration settings, checked and updates my video drivers, but to no avail.

    2 - The browser doesn't remember my logins. Every time I open the browser I have to log in on every website again. Already deleted the profile files that save the login data. No avail.

    3 - Performance is terrible. Scrolling on many website feels sluggish. Tried it with and without smooth scrolling and hardware acceleration.

    I'm typing this from an absolutely clean re-install of the browser, so I did that too. There are a few other minor problems (like appearance settings reset on every browser start), but I'm already getting tired tired of Vivaldi and don't want to spend more time writing all these things down for you.

    It's a real shame. I like the browser. I like what you can do with it. I've spent the last couple of days writing an 800 lines Metro-style CSS theme with custom SVG icons because I really want to like and to use Vivaldi as my main browser that blends into Windows 10 as if it was a part of it (and no, I'm not using that theme right now to make sure that it's not my CSS that is breaking things).

    I could have ignored or endured the really terrible performance on some websites, hoping that a future versions of Vivaldi would address that problem. But with the all the problems I'm now experiencing with 1.14 I have come to the the conclusion that Vivaldi is far from ready for prime time and productive use yet.

    You can comment on the problems I have described above. It won't help me because I will uninstall Vivaldi now and go back to a browser that just works, but it might help other people who experience the same problems and who have the time to work around these problems. Guess I will have to wait another year to give Vivaldi a try.

    P.S.: All that boasting about the highly customizeable browser experience, and then you can't even do the most basic things like changing the size of tabs and tiles.

  • Would you mind sharing the CSS?

    I'm a new convert too, can't say I've noticed the scrolling. Well, it gets bad on Twitter if I leave it open for a few hours but every other site seems fine for me. Also not having any issues with videos either although I've only watched a few on Facebook and YouTube so it might be restricted to ones similar to the ones you're using.

    As for the browser not remembering the logins, I'm getting that on one of my machines but the other one is fine. I think it's a Chromium issue as I've been having the same issue with Chrome. Weirdly enough it's the same machine that's having the problems in both cases.

  • Yes I agree a lot. I'm apreciating Vivaldi team effort but we need to have better beta testing or/and easy way (like pressing one button) to downgrade to previous version to not drive away people, escpecially those who are not yet a passionate of browsers like Opera<12 and Vivaldi.

    Paraphrasing Jon von Tetzchner is good to have browser for more then for less frends. I remember Opera 10 break in Market Share growth after similar issues.

  • I had similar problems as sverebom did with 1.14, but only on an older system. Seems unencrypted h264 or something isn't punching through. It was the realtime streams of video that only would show grey but audio would play and thumbnails on progress bar would show.

    On newer system with i3 and ati vid card hd7570, everything worked splendidly.

    Older system had embedded ati graphic chip hd4200.
    Both systems had recentlty installed v1709 win10.
    So, don't give up yet, the browsers with underlying chromium 63 still worked on the old machine. Lots of other shit going down right now with win10 and everything else trying to mitigate the spectre and meltdown. That complicates the issue greatly.

    If anyone must revert to previous version, they are available here for Win:

    UPDATE: 20180202 tried 1.14 linux ver on same (older)machine in debian 9.x, it worked fine. So tried a full clean install of vivaldi 1.14 same machine in win10, same bug appeared. Reverted the win10 vivaldi to 1.13 and it works.
    Unable to narrow down the cause further yet.

    v1.13 working now as:
    "C:\vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" --vivaldi-standalone --always-authorize-plugins --enable-blink-features=ResizeObserver --flag-switches-begin --ignore-gpu-blacklist --flag-switches-end


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