Emulate Handheld Mode

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    Useful for checking how web pages will look on mobile devices while using a desktop monitor.

    This is how it looks in Opera 12.18:

    0_1517491656026_Handheld Mode.png

  • Isn't this what the emulator in the dev tools offers?


    Or is there something additional that needs to happen to this?

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    @lonm I am still not able to find it in developers tools even after being told that it is there.

    I guess that's where it belongs, as web developers are the ones who will need this, but it needs to be made more accessible.

  • @pesala It does have some issues where it's only visible if the dev tools are docked.

    As a feature request, It would be very nice to be able to use it with dev tools undocked.

    And yes, it's not obvious at all where it is, even if the dev tools are docked. The first time I tried to find it it took me ages to realise that it's called "toggle device toolbar", and is represented by an icon right next to the "select element" button.


  • @lonm
    It must be a Vivaldi thing, because this devtools feature works like a charm in Opera. I use it often, and it's quite straightforward.

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    @nekomajin It is a "Vivaldi thing." Because Vivaldi does not use Chromium native elements, the DevTools had to be re-written for Vivaldi. As yet, the mobile UI can't be emulated, but that will come.

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