Right-click performs Back action

  • I've used Vivaldi at home and at work for about 6 months and have noticed a new behavior on both computers within the last week. Obviously this could be a change in how I'm using it, but it also could be due to an update.

    I'm finding that right-clicking to open the context menu is immediately performing a Back navigation action. The context window does not visibly open before the navigation. I can make this happen very easily by repeatedly right-clicking, the frequency is, maybe, one in five clicks.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • @cursorkeys This has been happening to me for at least a few months, & i use Linux, ie, it's not restricted to your Windows versions. This thread is the first time i have seen anyone else mention this annoying problem. Up til now i said nothing coz i was wondering if it was a mouse button fault.

    Btw i should emphasise; this is highly random, irregular, infrequent... certainly it does not occur every rh button click. However over any given 1 - 2 day period it will have occurred once or a few times. Each time it does occur it shocks me, coz i wasn't expecting it, but instead was expecting the context menu.

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    @cursorkeys Go to Settings, Mouse, and increase the Gesture Sensitivity from the default of 5 pixels to 10 or more. Or, delete the Back gesture if you never use it. I don't recommend that as it is extremely useful.

  • @pesala Thank you! I've turned off gestures and I can't reproduce the problem now on my work PC. I'm sure the same will be true on my home PC when I try that later.
    Hopefully it's not that I'm suddenly getting shaky hands...

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    @cursorkeys Try a different mouse, clean it, or clean the mouse pad. Gestures are too useful to turn them off permanently.

  • @pesala I have very different hardware between the two machines, new-ish Razor Basilisk gaming mouse at home and an old Logitech MX-518 at work. Both are on different makes of optical mousepad (glass Icemat at work and some Corsair plastic thing at home).

    I did try gestures back when Opera first added them but never really got on with them, I'll have to give them another go sometime.

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    @cursorkeys The gesture sensitivity makes a lot of difference. Mine is on 5 pixels, which I think is the default, but you can slide it right up to 100 pixels if your mouse is sensitive. Then it's impossible to execute a gesture by accident.

  • There are many differences between users when mousing... perhaps more than with any other interfacing mechanism. A little jitter or quirk in how one starts or ends movement can play havoc with mouse gestures if they're operating. A similar thing happens with gesturing based on combined left-right clicking. A long time back, with Olde Opera, I stumbled into a page-jumping problem that was eventually traced to "mouse flips" when clicking first one mouse button and then the next... in different hand positions during ordinary mousing, the sequential timing of my particular finger actions would occasionally get registered by Olde Opera as a 'flip' command and would jump the display to another page. I still remember @pesala's kindness in discerning the cause and giving me a solution (disabling the mouse flips in the settings) when I reported it in the MyOpera forum years ago... prior to that, I didn't even know the function existed or what it was.

    For me, I'm more of a keyboard-and-mouse user and my mouse movements themselves are sometimes a bit erratic when idle (kind of like tapping your fingers, I may move the mouse absent-mindedly at times). Consequently, I keep mouse gestures shut off to avoid unpleasant surprises. That's just me... YMMV. Having the ability, as Vivaldi has, of tweaking the sensitivity of the gestures seems "golden" as a user feature, and I may just have to experiment with them at less-sensitive levels just to see how that works out.

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    I use the rocket (right click + left = back, left click + right = forward) function for some time, I find it very practical and I use it often, but it has never interfered with the normal use of the right button

  • @pesala Ta heaps. I forgot about this setting as i've never before played with it. To experiment i've now nudged it up a tad from 5 to 10, so i'll be keen to see what transpires over the next few days. Fingers crossed.

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    @steffie said in Right-click performs Back action:

    Fingers crossed

    It'll be harder to use the mouse with your fingers crossed.

  • @pesala Yes, true, so i'm now onto Plan B... web browsing with my eyes crossed instead. Much better...

  • @steffie Bugger. It happened again just a few minutes ago [first time (so far?) in 1.15.1089.3, btw]. I've now nudged the sensitivity up from 10 to 20.

    Also have tried crossing toes now. All good so far.

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