Only a few requests

  • Have been using Opera since it was still with ads (end '90s IIRC). Still using 12.15 (windows) and 12.16 (Gentoo) as my main browser. Never got on with M2 and never used RSS so no comments on that. Only a few requests: - a way to disable speed dial. Never liked it and it is the first thing I disable when doing a new install. Just a blank tab for me. If not possible just is acceptable. But see further, only not any local version of it. - no search from the addressline. This slows down like mad. Or I know where I want to go and use a bookmark, or I type "g whatever I need to find". - not keeping any fields of forms in the search. My collegues don't have to know my logins to sites, private or others. - a way to make sure that when using "g searchterm" it is going to use and not my local It is much easier to go to directly instead of having to skip a few pages with local stuff that has nothing interesting. I'm mostly searching for english terms in the first place and most sites of interest are in the .com domain as well. - open files with applications instead of the browser. Certainly for .pdf, .jpg, .png, .txt etc. - let me select where to save a downloaded file. Having to search the whole computer to find the file I just downloaded isn't very friendly. - bring back the cookie manager. Very usefull with sites that think that you can have no reason to visit the twice as a different person. - speed. Right now it is just too slow. I can type a complete address while it is still parsing "ww" into the addressbar search - cosmetics: a border and some sane colours would be nice. Other than that it is already fine for me. At least there is a way to have organised bookmarks, navigate with only the mouse buttons, middle click to open in new tab without the nightmare of plug-ins.


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