Save and Restore Size and Position of Every Window in Saved Sessions

  • Save and restore size and position of every window in Saved Sessions (as it was in Opera 12).

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    @viava I just tested this and it worked for me.

    1. I opened a tab in a new window and resized it, moving it to my secondary monitor
    2. I resized the window on the primary monitor then exited Vivaldi from the file menu
    3. When I restarted (Startup from Last Session) both windows were restored to the right size and position on each monitor.
    4. I then save this arrangement as a new session maximised the current window, and opened the saved session in a new window
    5. Both windows were restored to the right size and position on each monitor.

    So, if it's not working for you perhaps it is a bug, or you're using a different route.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1094.3 (64-bit)

  • @pesala
    Unfortunately, it does not work this way in my PC 😞
    I use a different settings (Startup with Start Page), so Vivaldi always opens with my Start Page (and it is preferable by me) and never asks me for last session.

    I have different sessions saved (with different windows, tabs, sizes and positions on 2 monitors). And none of those windows is maximized on any monitor.

    Currently, when I close Vivaldi from the window of the maximized browser, and then open Vivaldi (first automatically on my Start Page), and then I choose to open one of stored sessions, all windows will be opened in the maximized mode.
    And when I close Vivaldi from not-maximized window (e.g. half of the monitor), after re-opening Vivaldi and selecting a saved session, all windows will be opened from the size of half the monitor, one above the other (although these windows have been saved with different sizes and positions).

    On August 2017 I submitted a bug report ( VB-30942 ) with this issue.


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