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  • Can someone please tell me how to backup my bookmarks and settings and revert to an older snapshot? The latest one, is way to buggy, before it was completely stable and this one reminds of the first tech preview they released. Navigation buttons are completely gone if you have tabs to the left and the panel to the right. Seems to be caused by the panel, because moving it back to the right shows navigation buttons again. It crashes, and it crashes. It seems opening links with the middle mouse tends to crash the browser. It does not happen all the time but so far it crashed 40 times in 24 hours of usage and its always when I click somewhere, once it even crashed when I tried to open a download. Right click on pages requires 2 clicks sometimes, I need to change the spell checker or use some other contextual option and when I right click somewhere nothing happens, I have to right click again. Very annoying. Its again having the nasty bug with the enter key. I cannot type anything in some pages. Every time I hit the enter key to make a new phrase the cursor loses focus and I have to click on the text box again. Related issues, I pasted urls in the url bar and hit enter and it does not work either !!! Can't add custom search engines anymore. And I could go on and on. Every new tech preview was more stable than the other one and this one reverted everything back as it was several versions ago. Its not usable. I cannot use it like this, I cannot type and its crashing all the time and plus there are no navigation buttons, I don't mind navigating with the keyboard but that does not work either here, some keys just don't respond in some websites, it's a miss and hit thing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I'm hitting my keys harder and harder with frustration when this happens. Someone asked this before. Please Vivaldi tell us a way to backup settings as eventually something like this can happen. I cannot install snapshot because it asks me to uninstall Vivaldi first. I don't want to lose my bookmarks, dictionary and notes. All these bugs must be related to the new Chromium build, it seems they are all bugs regressions that where fixed in the past. I'm really worried about this because Chrome is updating their engine like 4 times a month now, every new week a new security issues is discovered. I'm worried because even Opera takes 1+ month or more to update their Chrome engine and Vivaldi will have to update to newer chromium/blink engines constantly. I'm afraid this will break everything on each new update like it did now. And if they don't update it will be insecure, just like Opera Chromium is which is always very late to update their Chromium build. Vivaldi should really come up with a team or process where they can auto test everything so they can integrate new chromium builds fast. I'm not talking here about new features, but just updating the rendering engine which is critical for security issues. You guys should really install several virtual machines with different operating systems and settings, because some of this bugs are visual and even a basic lab or process would detect them. You need to come up with a system that tests all features before release in an automated way. Does someone reverted to previous build before?

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    Re-name your profile ("user data" folder), uninstall the one you don't want, install the one you want, then move profile items from the old one to the new one.

    In your appdata/local/vivald directory, you will see an Application folder, and in that are two folders, one named for this version and one named for the prior one. I HAVE HEARD that if you just delete the current one, the prior one will run. I've never tried it. That said, if the .exe file is actually different from one version to another, I suppose a problem could arise. Since there are these two files and each contains an installer, perhaps removing the newer one plus the .exe file, and then running the installer in the older one would be safer - it it worked.

  • In my case I only required some data which I created which was bookmarks, notes and custom dictionary.

    1. Just in case make a backup of your whole installation folder. Its usually on:

    2. Uninstall Vivaldi

    3. Install the new build

    4. Copy the following data from your backup folder:
    C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default
    Custom Dictionary

    5. Restart your browser, data is back.

  • @terere:

    In my case I only required some data which I created which was bookmarks, notes and custom dictionary.

    Glad that worked out so simply! …And your instructions are nice and clear for anyone else who needs to do the same. 🙂

    I thought I would share (with you or anyone else wondering about similar questions) my successful experiment going the other way by copying relevant personal profile files from an older standalone Vivaldi installation (v1.0.129.2) to a newer version (v1.0.135.20, also installed standalone.

    I wanted to carry forward all my settings, bookmarks, cookies, history, etc., and especially my last session with several open tabs (didn't have any notes, custom dictionary, saved passwords, etc) . I'm wasn't sure exactly which files I needed, but the following (all from the standalone Profile/Default sub-folder) seemed the most likely candidates:

    • Bookmarks
    • Cookies
    • Cookies-journal
    • Current Session
    • Current Tabs
    • Favicons
    • Favicons-journal
    • History
    • History Provider Cache
    • History-journal
    • Preferences
    • Secure Preferences
    • Visited Links
      With both versions closed, I backed up the relevant files in the new installation then copied all the above from the old standalone installation to the new one (overwriting the new ones), then restarted the new version. Everything I wanted seemed to be carried forward and to work as expected.

    Vivaldi did crash the first time I tried to view the history (…maybe something in one of the v1.0.129.2 history files didn't match what Vivaldi v1.0.135.2 expected??? ...or maybe just v1.0.135.2 being "crashy" as you and so many others have reported ???), but all the old history appeared to be there (with no crash) when I restarted the browser. I also got an error message with something about having tried to complete an obsolete form the first time I tried to log in to the Vivaldi forum, but the error just said to try again and it worked fine the second time.

    Again, I don't know if all the above files are necessary, or if I've missed any others that should be included, but all seems to be working well so far.

    (BTW, the developmentally young, unstable, almost experimental nature of Vivaldi is one of the main reasons I use the standalone installation: to avoid the kind of problem you had with a standard installation. I just install a new version to a new folder so I can easily delete a new installation folder and start fresh (or revert to the still-installed previous version) if something goes wrong or I don't like how a new installation/version is working.)

  • Good Day

    So is there an App or any thing to back up the Browser ??

    Thank you

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    Nope, sorry.

  • Ja thanks it is a little sad they dont have any thing

    I was looking for some extensions and i found one and did add it

    they immediately ask go for PRO ( I hate this so much )

    I uninstalled it immediately

    Any way if any one still looking there is a very nice and cheap way of doing this

    just download FreeFileSync and use to way MIRRor

    go to where VIVALDI is installed make sure ur in the right Directory

    and run the program and forget about it 😎

    every time u add or take any thing away from Original folder the backup folder will be updated

    hop this help

    Here is link for the lazy who dont want to search :lol: :lol:



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