M3 mail & RSS-reader

  • When implementing this please do not mix these 3 vastly different functionalities.

    The mail client can be a separate process without any understanding of website technology foo. While I fear its functionality will mostly be implemented with some fancy javascript, an (optional) HTML viewer should live in a separate constrained chrome renderer process. A good implementation should allow a standalone operation or UI-integration into Vivaldis sidebar.

    RSS subscriptions are a special form of bookmarks, how to integrate with existing code/UI is more taste than technical decision. All a subscrition display needs is a way to query some feed metadata (already done for regular bookmarks).

    Displaying RSS feeds requires "just" a special form of a chrome renderer to process special XML tags, keep track of entry tags (read/important/etc.) as part of parsing a feed and additional loading logic to append additional data for paged feeds. Keeping data other than a registry of entry tags should be an option (as well as purging tags for older entries) to save space and improve privacy.

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