Regularly crashes, no warning, no error.

  • In the last month or so Vivaldi's started crashing regularly. Most of the time it happens after I stop working to read something. Scroll a little, pause, read some text, and Vivaldi just disappears. It's starting to happen more and more often. For a while it was once every few days. Then it was daily. Then it was guaranteed to be missing whenever I'd return to the computer after stepping away. Now it's crashing several times an hour.

    Since I don't see anyone else talking about it, I assume it's my problem somehow.

    What can I do to troubleshoot the problem?

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    @nfgman You can start by telling us your system specs and your extensions. If you're on a 32-bit system, for example, some work is being done on this.

    Otherwise, just refresh your profile and as you begin to add things back in, you may discover what is causing the problem.

  • @ayespy

    Well I've spent a lot of time on this, starting a whole new profile, and was still crashing before I started putting things back in. I see in the forums that I am not alone in this.

    Symptoms haven't changed, Vivaldi just silently disappears, no matter if it's in the foreground or background. It seems to be happening less often, probably because I have only 20 open tabs, not 40+ like before.

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    @nfgman You can still tell us something about your system specs can your extensions.

    It also would not hurt to know which version of Vivaldi you are using.

    Until recent snapshot updates, I was able to reproduce your problem on one out of my 10 machines on which I have Vivaldi installed. and that was an 11-year-old 32-bit laptop running windows ten. With recent updates, I am no longer able to produce it.

    So - what is your system, and what is your version? With that info, we might be able to shed some light on it.

  • @ayespy

    Version 1.15.1099.3, but it's been happening the last half dozen updates or so. The extensions don't matter, because I removed them all and it still crashed. Win 7, 64bit, 16GB RAM. Previously 100% stable, no hardware changes, no new software.

    Either a webpage I visit regularly is at fault (I have pinned roundcube email, a Mastodon instance, tweetdeck, ttRSS and discord). I suspected Facebook, so I left it closed more often than not. I suspected deviantart, but it isn't always open (or even hibernated) when the crash occurs.

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    @nfgman I wonder if there's a graphics driver conflict? Your system should be having no problems with Vivaldi in the absence of something like that. Let me check on my Win7 rig...

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    @nfgman Well, I'm a bit stumped. My only Win7 box is a 14-year-old HP Pavilion a450n. (guilty admission - it's only Win7 because XP ran like a pig on it, and the processor instruction set barely supported Win7, and not Win10) It runs all versions of Vivaldi without a hitch - no crashes. This is a P4 single core machine with a whopping 2GB of DDR RAM running at a blistering 200 MHz (memory speed). I did put an SSD in it, but although the drive itself runs without delays, it's only connected via IDE ports emulating SATA, so there's a bottleneck on the MoBo. Still, boots and shuts down faster with the SSD, and does run a bit faster on the whole.

    All that said, if my paleolithic Win7 can't reproduce a failure of Vivaldi Snapshot, I'm at a loss to explain what the problem with yours is. Do you by chance run 3rd party security software?

  • I have the same problem.

    when i open facebook for example vivaldi goes nuts 100% CPU usage RAM overflow over 15 freaking GB wtf is wrong since the last two updates?

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    @da_quixxta Hm. Can't reproduce this. I do get a (less than a second) CPU spike to 100% on all four cores on opening fadebook, but no increase in RAM usage (which hovers around 38% on this machine with six programs open including Vivaldi and the notorious RAM hog QuickBooks). If I grab a non-maximized Vivaldi window and drag it all over my desktop, I can get RAM usage to slowly climb.

  • RAM goes than up to 10-16GB and than vivaldi closes.


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    @da_quixxta And you are using version 1.15.1099.3 on Win 10 or Win 7 64-bit?

  • @ayespy

    No, I don't run any AV. And my (nvidia, 980Ti) video drivers are up to date.

    To be clear, it crashes sporadically. Like, maybe once every two days, up to four times a day. It's not constant or reliable, but it almost always happens when I'm not actively doing stuff. If I pause to read something, for example, or switch to another app and notice later that Vivaldi's just gone. It often happens when I type, and you can imagine how fun that is when I'm doing long posts...

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    @nfgman Thanks. Up-to-date video drivers can still be incompatible with your browser. That is why Chromium is blacklisting more and more of them every version, rather than try to write code that shakes hands properly with every one of hundreds and hundreds of different driver sets out there. Do you know how to disable Hardware Acceleration to test this, or shall I look it up for you?

  • @ayespy

    'or shall I look it up for you'. Wow, haha. "Do you want me to google that for you, or..." ;)

    I disabled all the hardware acceleration, and it still crashed. =/

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    @nfgman Damn. I was hoping for a minute there. Your card and drivers have a history of crashing Chromium going back to their 2015 release date, but it was supposedly taken care of with a hotfix nearly two years ago.

    And, no, we get people of all skill levels here, and some of them literally can't search - so I make no assumptions. :)

  • @ayespy

    As a matter of perspective, I think it's important to remember that Vivaldi was rock-solid until a couple of months ago. This never happened with my old ATI card, it never happened with the new nvidia card for the first six months I had it installed. The nvidia drivers have been out since July (384.94) so I do not suspect them.

    Or rather, they haven't changed, nothing has, so if they're at fault it was in combination with Vivaldi. Probably. =/

  • @ayespy I use in private the newest version (I have the problems at home) and at work i didn't update because of this issue and it runs stable at work so it has to be the update.

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    @da_quixxta Update to what? Which version do you use?

  • @ayespy

    At Work i use 1.13.1008.44 32bit and it works fine.

    at home i use 1.14.1077.45 64 bit (i updated on 64 in hope that it would fix the problem because i had the problem on 32 bit to)

    To my specs: I7 4790k, 32 GB RAM and a Titan X

  • Well just popping in to say I have experienced the same ever since updating to 1.14.
    I mean I understand how pointless and frustrating this is, and how hard for the devs it must be to debug and pinpoint totally random crashes like this. Wasn't even gonna say anything, until I saw this thread.

    I'm not very concerned, it only happened like 3 or 4 times total for me, not as severe as the OP, and it seems pretty random. Most of the time I was just reading something, hand of controls, not even scrolling or anything, it just closes unexpectedly without warnings. Most frequent site was Inoreader, probably because I spend a lot of time there, it is probably very random because it happened elsewhere.

    My specs are Windows 7 64, Core i7 2600k, GTX 580 + GTX 980Ti Latest official 64bit release.

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