Drag Text to Tab Bar, Tabs to Search

  • Drag and drop text to the tab bar to search for it with the default search engine.

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    @kurevska_registracia To do what? Please edit your post to clarify (click the vertical dots icon at bottom right of your post).

    • If it is a plain text URL, presumably you want to open the URL?
    • If it is plain text, presumably you want to search with your default search engine?

    One can already use right-click on selected text and Go to, or search with.

  • @pesala
    Drag and drop can be more convenient than using the context menu.

  • I totally agree. I've been using the "drag-and-drop text to tab-bar to search" feature on every browser. I moved recently from Opera to Vivaldi (because Opera's sneaky developers use partner/affiliate links silently in the browser to mine you for cash), and I really miss that feature. Using the context menu is very inconvenient.

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    I don't know why anyone thinks that the context menu is hard to use for this. Unlike dragging to the URL field it offers a choice of search engines, and it's a lot closer.

    Drag and drop anywhere onto the page would be slightly quicker.

    0_1517511630133_Drag and Drop Onto the Page.png

  • I'm unable to perform that action you're describing. Anyways, every modern browser has that, I see no reason why it's a bad idea. It works and people use it, and even those who don't use it are not harmed by it...
    Vivaldi already has a drag-and-drop that works on the "New Tab" button, and only for links. For text it just shows that "arrow + plus" cursor and when you release it, nothing happens.

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    @iagucool I think Vivaldi could do this better than every modern browser, so it is worth discussing. In my opinion dragging all the way to the tab bar is an inefficient workflow that should not be encouraged.

    • IE11 opens the text search in a foreground tab
    • Firefox opens the text search in a background tab (better)
    • Opera 50 show a popup to search or copy the text (best)
    • Vivaldi lets you drop the text into any text field, or into the URL field, where you can press Enter to search in the current tab or Alt+Enter to search in a new tab (not ideal because it needs a keyboard press)
    • Ideal, perhaps, would be to drop onto the current page to search in the current tab, or hold shift before dropping it to search in a new tab

  • @pesala
    The context menu has a LOT of items, and navigating in submenus with the mouse is inconvenient because of the precision it needs to stay inside the boundaries of the item. On the other hand, if you use the browser in a full size window, you just have to grab the link, image or selected text and push your mouse upwards, then release the button. It's a rough move, hard to miss.

    We are different, and there is no point in understanding each others. The whole existence of Vivaldi is about to give multiple solutions to the same problems to fulfill all of our different habits and needs.

    All your contemplations in your comment above are pointless, because those only reflect to your opinion, not a general consensus.

  • @nekomajin
    Like Nekomajin said, there is nothing inefficient in this mouse gesture. I've been using this forever and never "missed" the tab bar. With that being said, Opera's context popup to copy/search was indeed super efficient, but still limited to the default search engine (which is the only one I personally use). Using more than a single search engine is realistically limited to power users. Most people just google these days.
    And on another note, my mouse buttons are sensitive and I sometimes right-click accidentally while moving the mouse, which opens a new tab. Now THIS - is annoying.

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    I sometimes right-click accidentally while moving the mouse

    Drag the sensitivity slider in Settings mouse to increase it from 5 pixels to 25 or more.

  • @pesala
    That's a good advice, thanks. Still, I hope you see my point - the drag-and-drop is a feature in many browsers and doesn't require too much code to implement, and won't bother those who don't use it. I hope the team can do this one for us.
    Also hope they get the bookmarks bar's bookmark dragging and editing sorted out soon, another annoying thing is to have the bookmarks manager always open for that.

  • Drag and drop to new background tab is something I often use several times while reading a text. It breaks up the reading if I need to open a new foreground tab for each keyword I need to search. I can't understand why this feature is not in Vivaldi as it is in any other browser.

    • Select the text you want to search on the page
    • Drag it to left will open the result page in a background tab
    • Drag it to right will open the result page in a foreground tab

    Isn't this function very intuitive?

  • @eluwin
    No, it's not. The original request is already implemented in various browsers. There is no need to make it more complicated. If you drop the text to the tab bar, you can click again to activate the new tab, because your mouse is already in place.

  • @nekomajin
    You don't need to drop the selected text to the tab bar.
    Drag it to the left or right triggers the search ,and the direction of dragging decides the result page opened in a background or foreground new tab.

  • @eluwin
    I get it, but it's a different request. The OP was about dropping to the tab bar.

  • It can be called drag and search, pick up a text and drag it into the tab bar, and that launch a new search.

  • Currently, I use super-drag-for-google-chr https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/super-drag-for-google-chr/dlknjglebgomjjfaijjnebecgjbfjihk to do this. But if there is a native one, I'd like to use it. if it could search by the default search engine in the search box, it will be much better.


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