Remove the Expand/Collapse Folder Triangles

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    The Bookmark Folders have two icons:

    0_1517479937342_Expand Folder Icon.png

    • A right-pointing triangle that changes to a down-pointing triangle on expanding a folder
    • A closed folder icon that changes to an open folder icon on expanding a folder

    Why two icons when one will do the exact same job?

    Currently, single-click on the Bookmark icons (open or closed) does nothing, unless they are already selected, then it allows editing of the Folder Title.

    However, single-click on the folder title already allows editing of the title. The triangle icons are therefore completely superfluous.

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    It is all too easy to click on an already selected folder icon to collapse/expand a folder, only to find the Folder Title selected. Then one can no longer collapse or expand the folder, without first selecting another folder, and clicking again on the icon more carefully.

    0_1518723258549_Edit Folder Title.png

    If the Folder Icon only did the collapse/expand task, and one had to click on the Title to edit it, this would make it much harder to make errors.

  • Accidentially triggering rename is the reason why in my opinion expand/collapse should be the default action when clicking on a folder (regardless if marked or not).
    Number of times one (actually) wants to rename folders: Never.
    Well, it is at least a rare enough occasion to warrant pressing F2 to trigger?
    One can also change a folder title inside the box on the bottom.

    Or is there anyone who would be xkcd #1172'd by making this change?

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    @becm I agree that renaming Bookmark Folders would be a rare requirement for most users. However, for renaming bookmark titles it is a common requirement. Also for notes.

    I suspect, that it is far easier to make select work to rename both bookmarks/notes and folders, than just for one. Certainly, from a usability perspective, it is better. Or at least, it would be, if my suggestion to make click to rename work only for the Title Text. It would be hard to click the icon when aiming at the Title, and not too easy to hit the Title when aiming at the Folder icon, which is bigger than the Triangles.

    Double-clicking on the Folder icons already collapses and expands the folder tree, so why not single-click?

  • The default action for single click on bookmarks can already be configured (open/select). While I fully concur that the triangle area is a too small target to hit, the expansion to the folder icon (only) seems (to me) to be only a minor improvement.
    To exagerate, it only moves the/my problem about one icon width to the right. The whole folder entry would make a much larger and easy to hit target for single-click expand/collapse.

    This workflow should (in my opinion) be the one to optimize for:
    open folderview/open bookmark/noteclose folder

    • make it possible to do every action with a single click
    • make it (nearly) impossible to trigger something unwanted

    Currently after a double-click expand/collapse you have to wait, so the subsequent double-clink to undo the action is not misinterpred as a single click triggering rename (multiple Hardware, Vivaldi versions, X11 and Win10).
    An option to ban (as already doable for bookmarks) the single click select-only operation form the bookmark bar completely seems a much "safer" alternative.

  • @pesala renaming / expanding behaviour is really annoying...
    But I don't blame triangles. IMO it's just a faulty implementation.

  • @pesala
    With hotkey, use F2 to trigger rename on Windows, and Enter on macOS.

    With mouse click, select item, wait a second, and click again to trigger rename.

    This make more sense also match the behavior style to these two systems.

  • @Pesala Hi I've been waiting for a long time for a sngle click to open and close the folder. The triangle before the folder name is useless! I hope that the programmers of Vivaldi finally put this in!

  • @becm Hello I have been waiting for a long time for a single click to open and close the folder. The triangle before the folder name is useless! I hope that the programmers of Vivaldi finally put this in!

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    Someone gave me this CSS mod to hide the triangle icons. It helps, but it is not ideal. Single-clicking on the folder icons expands/collapses the folders.

    /*Hide Triangle Bookmark Icon*/
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .vivaldi-tree .tree-row.folder .expand-icon {
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
        position: absolute;
        margin: 0 !important;
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .vivaldi-tree .tree-row.folder .expand-icon > svg {
        display: none;

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