Spinner Favicon when a Tab is Loading

  • Great to see this is in progress (I came here to report it). As a user coming from Firefox, and having been reviewing most other browsers right now, it was very obvious to me that Vivaldi was missing this important visual feedback.

    Important because: At the moment when I type an URL and hit enter, if the response isn't fast I start to wonder whether I actually hit enter and may hit enter again which just makes things worse. I am now learning to drag my eyes across to the far right had side of the address bar to see whether the load numbers are there - but as a new user I didn't immediately realise this was necessary (it wasn't with any other browser). Also, if a server is off/not-responding then these numbers are sitting static at 0/0 for a long time with no indication whether Vivaldi is actually doing anything. Users like to know that the computer is doing something, even when it's just waiting šŸ™‚ .

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    Available now in Vivaldi 2.3 Stable, but note that you have to enable two settings:ā€“

    • Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, Favicon Spinner
    • Settings, Appearance, Use Animation

  • The spinner is helfpful, but there needs to be a way to re-enable HTTP status in the bottom address bar (where Chromium usually shows it if you're not hovering over a link).

    Here's why. As a developer, when I'm loading a page I need to know at a glance what phase of the connection I'm in. I need to know whether the status is "Establishing Connection", "Waiting for" or "Transferring Data from". This is the fastest way to tell whether I have a connection problem, whether server-side code is taking too long to execute or whether elements are taking too long to load.

    Not every web page loads instantly. Let's say I'm testing a report that chews through a few million lines of a database and takes ten seconds to generate. Later I might package that report into an AJAX request but right now I'm loading a raw PHP page. I need to know whether I've connected to the server and am waiting for it, or whether I'm sitting here for ten seconds while I forgot to hit "enter" or for some reason the DNS lookup is taking forever.

    Please, please bring back an option to flash those updates to the lower status bar the way all other Chromium builds do, and the way every other browser does. This is a bad design decision and extremely frustrating for web development.

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    @joshstrike Hit F12 to open the Developer Tools, all you need as a web developer.

  • I know that this may sound like nitpicking, but is there a way that the developers could add the ability for users to customize the spinner animation to something other than the default? I have another animation that I would like to use in place of the default spinner. A more old school type that I miss from the early days of the net. Thanks!

  • @gaelle said in Spinner Favicon when a Tab is Loading:

    Keep an eye on VB-46130

    How to keep an eye ON this (An issue i think)?
    There's no public bug/issue tracker, right?
    Did you mean look out for VB-46... ... in the changelogs ?

    So, according to this
    Should the spinner not be in what i currently have? 2.5.1525.40 (Stable channel) (32-Bit)
    Don't see it.

    Not sure what exactly VB-46130 should bring, so i explain what i want:
    I miss quite exactly what chrome does: after a request goes out, Throbber in the tab instead of favicon, spin it counter-clockwise until a request gets answered, then spin clockwise during load.
    I need this, as i often reload many tabs (only icon visible) simultaneously, and need to see their status, so i know which ones are finished loading and which never start loading.

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    @sirtet please search for VB-46130 on this page and you'll see it in the changelog. https://vivaldi.com/blog/auto-stacking-tabs/
    Remember to enable "Use Animation" in your settings. šŸ˜‰

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    @Shadowraven please post a new feature request so that others can vote for it. šŸ™‚

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