Spinner Favicon when a Page is Loading

  • Animated favicons when a page is loading. Currently the only way to know if a page is loading is to check the 'reload' icon (which changes to an 'X' instead of it's normal icon).

    An animated favicon is really needed for the user to know if everything in the tab(s) has been loaded and the tab can be visited.

  • What about a traditional spinner?

  • @Nekomajin That's what I have in mind... Do you think I should change "Animated Favicon" to "Spinner Favicon" ? (EDIT: I just did!)

  • A progress bar gives you much more information than a stupid spinning spinner Favicon. :(

  • Moderator

    @burbuja The favicon is displayed on each tab, so if you're reloading multiple tabs, you can see at a glance if the background tabs have loaded or not. The change from the reload icon to the stop icon is often missed, but an animated icon is hard to miss.

    Compare to Firefox.

  • I dont care about Firefox or Chrome, I care about Vivaldi :)

    I see the number of loaded elements in the address bar, thats enough for me and good visible for everyone thought.

  • @neltherion
    More then a year ago @Isildur made the favicons on tabs to spin. It was very nice while it worked.
    Unfortunately, it stopped working for me at some point :-(

  • @brook I've never seen .progressing inspecting the UI.
    Maybe is the key. Or maybe the tab favicon could be spinned instead. But I've never really tried that mod.
    Old mods from that thread - if still working/fixed - should be posted again (as the code is a mess there)
    I still keep the vivaldi "shake mod" which is not a functional mod but is more like a fun april fool :D
    And a lot of other micro-mods still use code/inspiration taken from there =)

  • @hadden89 I'm not an expert in css and I don't know what .progressing is or does, or did. All I know the code was working, the tab favicons were spinning on reload and it was nice to have it.
    Hope somebody could fix the code and at some point Vivaldi will implement it.

  • <span class="favicon" style="background-image: url("data:image/png;base64, ...></span>

    Tha favicon seems to be background image, thats why it probably cannot be spinned like before

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