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  • Why extensions and apps from [url=]Chrome Web Store[/url] are easy to install - but it is not possible to display the buttons for those who need it? Should be an easy problem, to show the buttons in the bar... :dry:

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    Since extensions aren't actually implemented, and since the way in which extensions WANT to show a button is not actually possible in Vivaldi's non-native interface, it's not quite so simple. Vivaldi will get it done, but it seems to me it will take quite a few lines of code to standardize the way in which extensions interact with Vivaldi's (non-native, written from scratch, displayed according to different rules from any other browser's interface) UI, without having to actually re-write every extension that interacts with the UI.

  • @Ice007:

    Should be an easy problem, to show the buttons in the bar… :dry:

    Well, they have to implement a sort of wrapper that translates the requests aimed to the native UI (any sort of them) to Vivaldi's one w/o killing the UI performance.

    Likely not a straightforward process

  • Thank you for the information. It doesn't solve the problem, but at least now I know why it is taking time to get the issue solved.

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