Start Page open to a specific set of bookmarks (speed dials)

  • I'm wondering if it is possible to have Vivaldi open to a specific set of speed dials on the new start page?

    For example, I've got two sets of speed dials, one for personal and one for work. Now that I'm syncing my bookmarks (which is awesome BTW) I'd like to have some computers default to open to the work folder and other computers default to open the personal folder.

    This is pretty minor as it is just a couple extra clicks to go to what I'm looking for but I wondering if there is a setting I've missed that will do this.


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    @demoniac Not at this time. When you select a certain start page to open with on one instance, it changes the setting on the other one as well.

  • @Ayespy thanks for the quick reply and info! I can see why the behavior would function that way. I'll see if maybe merging all my bookmarks into a single speed dial might be a better option.


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