Facebook makes the entire browser window go black

  • I've disabled extensions, re-installed, changed to 32bit version and back, nothing seems to affect this. Anyone else dealt with this? Nothing I can tell seems to trigger this behavior. Happens at different times doing different things.

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    @nctiger Never seen it, can't reproduce it. What can you tell us about your system, your extensions, your security software, and things like this?

  • @nctiger I have seen similar things when system is low on memory. Not consistently on Facebook or one particular site, though Facebook does have higher resource consumption so it would be more likely to be observed on FB.

  • Memory is around 70%. Security software is Avast (updated). Extensions Avast Online Security, Imagus, Lastpass, No Link Underline, Rivals board enhancements and superblock adblocker. Thanks for helping

  • Here is a link to a screen grab of the event Facebook goes black

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    @nctiger Avast is a little infamous around here for blocking Vivaldi browser functions. But to be safe, you should try first with a clean profile.

  • I tried the clean install. I have exactly one extension now (LastPass) and it is still occuring. What should I try next?

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    @nctiger Uninstall Avast! Don't disable it - uninstall it. AVs can't be disabled with switches. They still act on the system even when turned off. If uninstalling it doesn't have any effect, you can always re-install it.

  • Well I have a paid subscription so that is not an optimal solution. BTW I have two other computers (laptops). All have avast and vivaldi and not this problem

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    @nctiger And it's only facebook?

  • Only facebook

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    @nctiger And, BTW, Avast! cannot be assumed to behave the same on 2 different machines, much less 3. Each instance will decide for itself, using Boolean logic, what is a threat and what is not based on exposure to the different inputs on the different machines.

  • I am going to uninstall it and see what happens. I guess I can eat $20 if I have to

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    @nctiger If you have a license, you can reinstall. I never buy a license and then fail to save it somewhere... :) But you must do what you think is best for you.

    I would recommend some investigation of your graphics drivers and blacklist if it were more than Facebook. But if it is ONLY facebook, something is blocking your full negotiation of the site - and that would not be Vivaldi.

  • Now it is uninstalled. Still the same problem

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    @nctiger Is there ANY other website that does it?

  • No. It is always Facebook.

  • @nctiger I used to have this happen but on Firefox, say three years ago. I wonder if it’s the site itself, not the browser. Facebook is as buggy as heck and I would have all sorts of problems (e.g. unable to like or comment, blank news feed, etc.). Eventually I gave up on the site, at least for personal stuff.

  • Now I have a new issue...ever since the clean install I have to login to facebook, gmail etc every time I visit the site. Cookies are not being blocked except for third party. Any suggestions?

  • Might have found a solution. I noticed Chrome users having the same issue. Disabled hardware acceleration. Has worked so far. Wanted to give an update. Thanks for all the help!

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