BUG: New Tab Does not Display Anywhere in a Broken Window

  • I appear to have gotten one of my windows into a bad state wherein I cannot see any new tabs that are created. I have tried using the + icon at the end of the tab list, ctrl + t shortcut, and opening a link from a page as a new tab. Most recently, I opened a YouTube video into a new tab on this window and realized that the page is still being created somewhere as the video auto-played, however it was not visible in my tab list or the primary window. Tabbing through tabs also appears to add recently closed tabs to the end before cycling although no content is displayed. The only hint that these are recently closed is from the URL and title bar coloring that is displayed.

    On creating a new window, new tab creation works as expected. Is there any diagnostics I can take for this bugged window before I migrate all of my existing tabs to the working tab and kill it?

    I am currently running Vivaldi version 1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on the latest Windows 10 OS.


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