Still (since 1.10!!!) problems with touchscreen / stylus pen in 1.14

  • Since 1.10 (!!!) Vivaldi has had problems when used with touchscreens or a stylus pen.
    In 1.14 it is still not possible to mark text with such devices.
    Very disappointing!

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    Too much work needed unfortunately. Lots of other important things to do and only 42 devs in the team.

    Status on Pinch to Zoom

  • "Lots of other important things to do"

    A (let's say) very surprising answer.
    I think touchscreen or stylus pen users (and meanwhile there are lots of them out there) first of all want to have basic functions work properly instead of new avant-garde functions which may be nice but - compared for example to marking text with a stylus pen - rarely used.

    And then everything went fine in this regard until V 1.9 (so the programmers code was obviously o.k. until then).
    Since 1.10 there are the above mentioned problems.
    A pretty long (much too long) time in my opinion ...

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    @pesala To clarify: There are only 43 team members. Of these, about 20 are developers.

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    @albinoni A HUGE amount of effort is consumed by Chromium changing its code every 6 weeks in a manner which requires Vivaldi to re-write its own code.

    At the same time, the developers are trying to get the browser completed. What you refer to as "avante-garde" functions are, in many cases, functions which have been planned to be incorporated as integral features of the browser from day one. Until they are in, the browser is an unfinished product.

    And to make matters worse, chromium code for dealing with touch screen and stylus is a moving target. It has been addressed multiple times by the Vivaldi team, only to be broken by the next Chromium release. The desktop (for conventional towers with mouse and keyboard) has always been the first, but not only, focus. At all times the development team, about 20 individuals, works to make Vivaldi react as expected on all interfaces while trying to get the browser finished at the same time. Reaching a product which embodies the founder's original vision is job 1. Job 2 is fixing, on a continuing basis, what Chromium breaks with each new release.

    The team really wants you to have a good touch screen and stylus experience, but this would matter little if Vivaldi were "just another browser" with none of the originally-envisioned personality to distinguish it from the crowd.

  • @Ayespy
    Thank you very much for your explanation. This makes some things clearer and I see your points.
    So I try to stay a patient Vivaldi user ... (;-)

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