Vertical Bookmark Bar on Right or Left

  • This was possible in the good old (not chrome based) Opera.

    At the moment it is only possible to have the bookmark bar on the top or the bottom

  • @albinoni But isn't the bookmarks panel exactly what you want in this case? Just press "F6" and you're done

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    @zaibon It's not exactly the same as the Bookmark Panel. The Bookmarks Bar may be only one folder of the most frequently used bookmarks. The Bookmarks Bar takes a lot less space than the Bookmarks Panel.

  • @pesala Mmh fair point - didn't come to my mind as I don't have too much bookmarks anyway.

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    @zaibon Absolutely not. The bookmarks panel interferes with having the email (or any other) panel open. Further, its list of bookmarks and folders takes up too much room. It's needed to have a string of just your most-used bookmarks right down the side of the browser next to your tabs, if you're using vertical tabs (as I do) and keeping mail open at the same time (as I do). It facilitates the workflow.

  • @ayespy Overthought my comment already after pesalas post. Especially as it more or less is a suggestion to make all the bars moveable which I eagerly anticipate.

  • @zaibon As Pesala indicated: I'm not talking about the bookmarks panel. My issue is the bookmark bar.
    To make all the bars moveable would be the "luxury-"solution.

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    @albinoni Luxury for other browsers. "Tuesday" for Vivaldi. :)

  • this would be also essential for me, since most websites have huge unused space left and right, why should anyone use a bookmark bar on top or bottom always did beat me..

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    @schreck Now at least you can disable the Bookmarks Bar and use the menu instead. Still a bit awkward to use with the keyboard until you get used to pressing keys in the right order: Alt, then B, not Alt+B.

    Long ago, monitor aspect ratios were very different: 4:3 was common. Somehow it got changed to 16:9 for watching videos, like almost no one uses the Internet for work any more, but just for entertainment.

    My primary monitor is 1600x1200 (4:3 aspect), but I use it in portrait mode, which I find much better for reading and writing. If I do want to watch a video, then I tile two tabs horizontally, with the video on top, while I continue to browse in the lower tile.

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    @ayespy I think Tuesday came and went at least three times already since a request for Configurable Toolbar was posted.

    How hard can it be? I know the guys in the Modding Forum are already doing stuff like this.

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    @pesala Uhmm, no, they're not. It's more complex than it looks, especially considering the fact that a bookmark bar item can be favicon, text, or both - and the implications concerning bar width that this presents. Also, a vertical element is not the same kind of entity as a horizontal one. A "top" and a "bottom" bookmark bar can be the same object. A horizontal bookmark bar and a vertical one cannot be the same, or the same kind of, object. What I mean by "Tuesday" of course is that this kind of option is taken as normal and expected in Vivaldi, not something new or outlandish. That doesn't mean it's easy. Just that it is taken for granted it must occur.

  • dont think this is ever coming?

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    @schreck It almost certainly is. But there are other priorities at this time. Not everything can be done right away. Browser development is not like decorating a room. You can't simply pick things and add them.

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