Custom Web Panel Icons

  • As the title states, the ability to give custom icons to web panels.

    As @LonM states, it would also be nice if to set SVG icons, so that the icons are able to change according to the theme.

  • Yes, please, please.

    One real life case. Have several Github URLs in Web Panels following issues, news, discussions. Would really like to set URL to pull custom icons for all of them, or to upload custom icon from local HDD. Just to be able to differentiate between all those different things sitting under same domain (

  • Would also be nice to set SVG icons, that way they can change according to the theme.

  • This is my no1 issue with panels - I have dozen of webapps running on single server but different ports, and they all show the same favicon from the root webapp (on port 80). Sometimes they will show proper favicon, but it later reverts back to root one...

    So at least fixing favicons support would be great

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @messiejoes Try to save all the webpanels as bookmarks, for example make a folder "Web Panels" and save them all in there, you should solve.

  • Would love this too. I'm having an issue where my panel on right has the standard icons and then I've added a Whatsapp and Twitter web panels which have their own of course.

    My problem is that I'm using a dark theme and the added web panels have white backgrounds which stick out a lot in almost all black theme. I think it would be kinda easy to fix because the same icons have black backgrounds in my bookmarks panel on top of the browser

  • @vakke I solved it with this line of code:

    #switch button.webviewbtn img { background-color: transparent !important; }


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