Create Tab Stacks from Pinned Tabs

  • Tab stacks are great, but pinned tabs are also great. Why can't we have both at the same times? Currently, a tab stack cannot be created out of pinned tabs, but strangely enough, individual tabs in a tab stack can be pinned. I think it would be great if these tab stacks could be properly pinned, or if a tab stack could be created from pinned tabs.

  • Moderator

    @altcode You can, but it's not officially supported at this time.

    You can make a stack of tabs, and then working from the top/left, open each tab and pin it using a keyboard shortcut of your own choice (I use ctrl+alt+p). At present I have 3 stacks of pinned tabs, totaling 7 tabs overall.

    Still, feel free to push for this to be a supported feature. It was, during the technical previews, but it was dropped for some reason.

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    Official support would be great because the "workaround" pinned tab stacks are not visible in the window panel.

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    @ayespy Even quicker, you can select all tabs in the stack and pin them all at once with the shortcut. The same if you want to unpin them — select all first.

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    @pesala Hadn't thought of that.

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