Drag Tabs between Private Windows

  • As of now, a tab is permanently stuck in the window in which it is currently open. They cannot be moved between other private windows. It would be useful to have this feature here too.

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    @altcode Note that we don't currently have "private tabs." There is already another feature request for that.

  • Even with private tabs (or rather private tab groups) there will be limits for drag+drop capabilities.

    A "private window" is one (at the moment only) way to group tabs which share
    a browser context distinct from your main/default environment (regular windows).
    Each private window has its own context, so moving from one private window to another would require the same (insane) operations as moving to a normal window.

    This is why moving tabs beween normal windows is a "small" UI change (same context) while moving from a private window to anywhere else (other context) is a nearly impossible task and no clear meaning of what this actually implies concerning the context a tab is running in.

    • old window (confusing to everyone but maybe possible to implement)
    • new window (impossible to implement in a sensible way)
    • either / new context (also confusing and will still break many sites)

    The only alternative UI representation for a shared special context might be a tab group, which can be moved between (regular) windows.

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