From snapshot 1.14: install release or wait for next ss?

  • Hey,

    as many on this forums, I've been running snapshot 1.14 for the last months. Now with 1.14 released, what's the way to go:

    • stay on snapshots and wait for ss1.15 (skipping the release version) or
    • install 1.14 (over the ss profile?) and then go on to ss1.15?

    Maybe one more versed in the intricate dealings of Vivaldi versioning can enlighten me (and maybe us)...?


  • I always install stable over snapshot, and snapshot over stable, as I want to test all the new versions no matter what. Never had any problem whatsoever. The only side effect is that I have to dl the full installer to do so because the 2 branches don't see each other via auto update.

  • When stable is freshly released, it is only a single version ahead of the latest release candidate snapshot version, and normally there is little to no difference between the two. I would just wait for the first 1.15 snapshot, which should come out in a few days

    While @iAN-CooG is correct that you can normally install the fresh stable over the older snapshot, you generally shouldn't switch between the two, as it could corrupt your profile. Especially when going from snapshot to an older stable. iAn-CooG is describing a very specific case, which can't be generalised.

  • @luetage no wait, I never revert to older version, I know it can make vivaldi go tits up =)

  • Ok, thanks to both of you. The profile corruption was one of the reasons I asked, this seems not to be a problem.

    I'll see if I install the release.

  • This is a dilemma i simply never face. In Linux, Vivaldi Stable & Snapshots have completely independent installation & user-data paths, so the one never affects the other coz they can't actually see each other. Hence, right now i get to enjoy the boundless pleasure of being unable to update my speeddial thumbnails in not one but both publicly-available V-streams, contemporaneously.

    Ahhhhh, i do so love living in Linux-world [yes, you may now commence the reflexive throwing of rotten cabbages & tomatoes at me, teehee].

  • @steffie By using the "standalone" install option, I have the same scenario on Win 10 (running both snapshot and stable).

  • @tbgbe Yeah, i know, i didn't wanna over-complicate things before. Anyway, even with your standalone workaround, you still suffer one abiding major virus contamination, brought to you not free-of-charge all the way from Redmond... ;-)

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