Optional Confirmation Dialog when Closing All Tabs but Active

  • Would be nice if we could have the option of turning on/off an optional confirmation dialog before trying to close all but active tabs:
    And if/when a shortcut for 'close all tabs' gets implemented, same for it.

  • @david-cortes Luckily there is no default keyboard shortcut assigned because it would be like a nuclear button in private windows xD

  • Ambassador

    To be clear, as of this version of Vivaldi, this would add an "Are you sure" dialogue for all these right-click menu options and the respective keyboard shortcuts

    • Close Other Tabs
    • Close Tabs to the Left
    • Close Tabs to the Right
    • Close Tab Stack (currently no keyboard shortcut, only available from right-click menu)

    I'm coming here from Ability to re-open multiple tabs, after a bulk close. While I'd prefer that other feature be implemented, I agree this one is also good and would help me avoid accidentally bulk closing more than just 25 tabs, which can't be un-done since only 25 undo tabs are saved.

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