Create New Window on Dropping Tabs onto Page

  • Currently, when creating a new window by dragging a tab out, the following behaviour occurs:

    Chrome-like New Window Creation with Drag and Drop
    Chrome, on the other hand, handles this behaviour in the following manner:

  • @altcode I think you should report that as a bug, as in windows and linux it behaves as you want it to (although not so automatic, you have to drop the tab for it to open a new window).

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    @altcode I would also like the new window to be created on dropping the tab onto the current page, but if a new window was created just by dragging it would conflict with tab-stacking, and with moving tabs.

    The thread title could be better, e.g.

    Create New Windows on Dragging Tabs or

    Create New Window on Dropping Tabs onto Page

    Then no one will have to be familiar with Chrome's behaviour or watch the videos to find out. I would vote for the second option, but not the first.

  • Agree with @Pesala to rename the thread to be more explicit!

    However, I don't think that the "Chrome" way of doing it would conflict with other options: in their implementation it doesn't conflict with moving tabs, for example.
    The thing is, that Chrome is able to do the "tab -> windows -> tab" transformations very quickly and very smoothly. The Vivaldi's internal architecture makes this harder to achieve. So yes, it may be better to keep the "tab" display until mouse release whatever the final action (moving tab or window creation), but maybe more because of performance issue than ergonomic conflicts...

    Anyway, what I want to say is that there is indeed room for improvement here, but to my mind the performance side should still be as much improved as the ergonomic / feature one.

  • @Pesala @Guilimote Took me too long. I meant to do it before and forgot, but I finally updated the thread title.

  • Wouldn't it be even better "Create New Window on Dropping Tabs outside of Tabbar"?

    Because the case of dropping a tab completely outside of the browser window doesn't seem all that rare. At least in a multi-monitor setup I do it all the time when I need to see two pages simultaneously (doing it on the modern Opera; just started migrating to Vivaldi). And my colleague on Chrome does that very often as well. I think many other people too.

    And coming from that, the new window should be created on the monitor the tab was dropped on, not just the same monitor as the browser window the tab was dragged from.


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