Slow wake up, Hovering on pages - High Sierra

  • Two issues have showed up for me with HS under the latest version of Vivaldi:

    First one is the slow wake up whenever sleep mode is in affect. Along with that is a delay for my wi-fi to kick in for the cursor.

    The other issue is the failure of hovering over a special kind of code, such as at the New York Times' temperature and stock exchange readings at the top of the page. Hovering used to open additional information for the two settings, but no longer does. Hovering over regular links does work.

    Are these issues related to High Sierra or to Vivaldi?

  • Temperature works for me, stocks don't. But I'm on El Capitan.

  • @bartinva Both work for me, but I'm on Sierra. Maybe related to High Sierra.

  • I should have said it happened right after going from Sierra to High Sierra.

  • I want to chime in here. I have the same problem of very slow wakeup after sleep. Additionally, the whole system is slowed down by Vivaldi. Closing it and reopening sometimes helps, but the problem is coming back.
    Hovering over the symbols on the NYT website works here.
    High Sierra, Vivaldi 1.14 stable


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