OK/Cancel buttons in Settings window

  • Please add the traditional OK and Cancel buttons in the Settings window to protect the user from accidental changes which may even go unnoticed (OK button should be disabled if no setting is changed).

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    @ivnltv Unlike the settings dialogue in Opera 12.18, it's a modeless window, which means the results take effect immediately without dismissing the dialogue. Try changing the Start Page settings with a Speed Dial Tab active.

    What you're asking for, in effect, is an Undo changes button.

  • @ivnltv Or padlock toggle to prevent from unwanted changes like on macOS


  • @pesala A modeless window does not have to react to input immediately, in fact it's a design choice. E.g. modeless Find/Replace window in LibreOffice (and other editors) which waits for the Find button to take action -- vs. the modeless Find bar in Vivaldi which finds as you type.

    Undo is not the same as OK/Cancel because you can still inadvertently trigger an action. E.g. changing tabs placement fires onresize events and so on. I can see that Vivaldi's Settings have been designed with mistake tolerance in mind and I can see the benefit of seeing changes applied at once, still (conceptually) being undone is not the same as having not been done in the first place. I agree that an Undo button which becomes active after a setting is changed would address my fear of inadvertently messing up something.

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