Any way to make the top bar transparent?

  • The title kinda explains it already, this is my top bar on Vivaldi:


    Is there a way to make the grey parts transparent (setting/extension/etc.)? Here is an example on Chrome:

    0_1517429464034_Sem título.png
    (the green tones are from my desktop backgound; the tab is transparent)

    Really liking this browser so far but I'm surprised this isn't an option on the Themes menu.

  • You can make it opaque, but this will show through Vivaldi's gray background, so you won't notice it. There is no way to make parts of Vivaldi transparent in relation to the operating system background.

  • @luetage Thank you for the info.
    That kinda sucks though qq'

  • @dalmnolk Well, I should have added: no way for us users to do this as a custom modification (afaik). You can make a feature request and see if there is enough interest and if the developers manage. That's another story altogether.

  • Only workaround to have some glass, is to use "native window" under appearence which can use the DWM composition.
    But no glass behind tabs, as they are outside any WinAPI: they are part of Vivaldi UI, actually.
    DWM glass API (sad as I love it) is cosidered obsolete/deprecated in several software(office2013+)/OS(win8+) - which is fun, as several apps still use that if their code allow to use that. It's a "cool useless function" which actually divide the win users xD

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