Quick Preferences Menu as in Opera 12.18

  • I'd appreciate a dedicated quick config menu, which allows direct access to some configuration options:

    • show no / cached / all images
    • enable / disable css
    • enable / disable JS
    • cycle popup blocker options
    • enable/disable plugins (?)
    • enable/disable image animation
    • cookie settings
    • referrer settings
    • access site-specific options

    I don't think we'd need all of these (some might have to be implemented first :) - but I guess you get the idea. Some functions are in the status bar right now; it would have to be detemined if they stay, move or are duplicated.

    (Maybe this menu could even improve on the feature request of editable menus... )

  • Moderator

    @morg42 This is called Quick Preferences in Opera. Perhaps it should be called Quick Settings in Vivaldi. It's not the same as Site Settings as the results are global if I remember rightly.

  • You do remember correctly ;)

    I just didn't want to install Opera just to find out the correct name of the menu. Incidentally, I did install Opera then anyway to list the contents. I missed changing the name of the dialog, though ;)

  • I miss this very much, as well. It is so often that I want to enable javascript or cookies for a brief time to visit one site.

  • How about putting those options in the 'Page Actions' button at the bottom of the screen in the status bar ?

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