Enable Reader View Before Loading the Page

  • Currently the icon to switch to reader mode is available only after having loaded the page, resulting in Vivaldi loading and rendering the page afresh. It would be great to be able to activate reader view before so that the page is displayed in reader view right from the start.

  • This might be an issue as not all pages can be used with reader mode to begin with.

    And from what I gather, reader mode is like a script that is applied to a fully loaded page, so you would need it to be loaded fully before you could run the script.

  • @lonm
    Ok, I understand that. But maybe Vivaldi could be made to apply the script once the page is loaded, unless the page cannot be displayed in reader mode.

  • Moderator

    @ghpy I have renamed "Reader Mode" to "Reader View" as that is the tooltip for Reader View and for Page Actions. I have reported this as a bug:

    (VB-36794) Inconsistent use of Reader View

    On the blogs, the devs inadvertently refer to "Reader Mode."

  • I think solution is using CSS for reader mode.


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