Question About Experimental Sync

  • If I use Vivaldi on two different machines and I enable Sync what happens?

    I know kind of vague? Given two computers with Vivaldi. Each machine has mostly different bookmarks, speed dials, Autofill, etc...

    I enable Sync on one, then a few hours later I finally enable it on the other.

    Does the last one to have Sync enabled get all of its items overwritten, or are the differences just added?

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    @sheldons The synced items are, initially, "merged" which in this case means added to each other, but then after you delete duplicates on either machine, they are the same on both, and stay the same from then on.

  • @sheldons For bookmarks, I believe it will basically "append" the contents of the 2nd machine to the 1st synced machine and then mirror the contents of both.

    As for settings, I'm not sure how conflicts are resolved.

    I would recommend backing up your profile(s) before enabling if the two machines have quite different profiles.

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    @lonm Settings are not synced for now.

  • @ayespy I know the vivaldi ones are not, but I thought the internal chrome settings were synced?

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    @lonm Such as?

  • @ayespy I was under the impression that settings such like block/allow rules at chrome://settings/content/cookies were synced, but I may be mistaken. (My other machine is in my office, so I can't check it right now)

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    @lonm Ah. Unfortunatley, I don't think I have changed any such settings in my builds, so I can't really check.

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