Zooming Speed dial cards, Problem with notification in card names ..

  • I have few observations that will probably make Vivaldi more suitable for lot of users. [ul] [li]I am currently working sometimes on a full hd screen with only 10" and everything is OK during surfing websites (I zoom to 130/140%) but I cannot zoom the SpeedDial cards it will be usefull.[/li] [li]Also there is a problem with timer on card name (screen1.png), I use a websites that changes the name of card to a timer, when I switch to the card, timer updates, but when I am using other cards time on timer is stopped, so it makes it useless.[/li] [/ul] There probably will be some other observations, I will describe it when I find something 🙂 Right now as for pre-alpha versions it works very well. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/39352/sreen1.png[/img]

  • Same situation while listening to Youtube playlist, when the track changes, in the name of card still exists the one which was when We last visited card.
    Card names aren't refreshing.

  • Also when page is loading there should be posibility to open a new card, but it isn't possible during website loading.


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