Option to Show Startup Dialog

  • Currently, Vivaldi has startup options 'Last session', 'Homepage', 'Start page', 'Specific Pages'.

    Would be nice to add to them the option to start with a menu with these options, in which the user selects how to start each time:
    Additionally, it could be helpful if this would be the startup type that happens whenever Vivaldi closed by crashing or terminating by killing it externally.

  • It should be optional, but a great idea.

  • This is a great idea, except I want it to be a command line option instead of an unconditional startup dialog, because I'd need to select how to start Vivaldi only in special occasions such as after a crash.

    So, I would like to see something like this:

    $ vivaldi --start-with=dialog # <-- proposed Startup dialog.
    $ vivaldi --start-with=last # <-- last session.
    $ vivaldi --start-with=saved:<session ID> # <-- saved session
    $ vivaldi --start-with=home # <-- home page

  • @ryofurue Command line session startup would be ideal! I could see where a GUI option could existing in settings as well. But I would leverage a CLI for starting a Vivaldi to the workflow needed for a particular task based on a command line startup of a session would solve a critical workflow problem for me and my coworkers.
    I'm envisioning a batch file that launches Vivaldi with a particular session (if somehow the session file could be made to map to Vivaldi and open it with a double-click in windows... like if Vivaldi is your primary browser, then opening any .html files on system open in Vivaldi):

    $ vivaldi --start-with=saved:travel # <-- the session is geared to the intranet and www sites needed for us to schedule and book our work travel
    $ vivaldi --start-with=saved:Monday # <-- the session is geared to the 50 tabs as a linear workflow we need every Monday. Right now we use bookmarks/speeddial, which is clunky, because there's additional data saved in session that would make it easier and therefore faster for us.


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