Option to switch off autoload and autoplay of html5-videos

  • A lot of pages have videos starting to load immediately and play as soon as the page is loaded. Not everyone wants this behaviour. In my opinion there should be three options:

    1. Load and play everything every video (Vivaldi's behaviour right now, for all those wanting to see everything and with unlimited bandwidth and transfer volume)
    2. Load and play videos on demand only (for those usually not interested in videos or with restricted transfer volume and/or low bandwidth)
    3. Preload video, but start playing on demand only (for those with unlimited bandwidth and transfer volume but still usually not interested to see all those videos, advantage over 2 is that preload prevents you from having to wait to see the one video that you are interested in)

  • To make this option perfect, it would have global as well as site-specific settings. So you could generally block videos but allow them on your favorite pages.

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