Relative dates for Last Post in forum topics incorrect

  • On any given forum index page the relative dates (Today/Yesterday) for the Last Post in many threads is wrong, with Last Posts made "Today" being marked as "Yesterday". This can be [u]very[/u] confusing. For example, on the [url=]Vivaldi browser for Windows page[/url] right now as I am typing this post, the first 6 non-pinned topics are correctly marked "Today", the next 10 topics (also last posted today) are incorrectly marked as "Yesterday", the next 4 posts below those are correctly marked "Yesterday", and the remaining posts are correctly marked with their actual dates rather than relative dates. However, in all cases, it appears the time listed for the Last Post is the correct local time. If you hover your mouse over the words "Today" or "Yesterday" the correct local calendar date and time of the Last Post is displayed in the tooltip, but for the topics with an incorrect relative "Yesterday", the calendar date is Today's local date (again, the time listed in the tooltip is the correct local time). I imagine this has something to do with the relative dates not being properly synced/adjusted to the local time (UTF -8 in my case), even though the calendar date displayed in the tooltip appears to be. (I'm guessing the relative Today/Yesterday dates are based on UTF rather than UTF-8, but I haven't done the math to check... ...It's actually too confusing, at least for me, trying to look at each of several examples to figure it out.) It appears to me that the same problem occurs inside any of the threads with an incorrect relative date on the index page, where the relative Today/Yesterday date for some of the individual posts near the end of a thread may be incorrect, but the calendar date in the mouseover tooltip is correct. (But I haven't checked this as thoroughly.) On a personal note (rant), I generally hate relative timestamps. Obviously many (most?) prefer them or else why would most of the internet forums, blogs, etc, and even Microsoft Windows (recent file timestamps as displayed file properties in Explorer since Win7) be going that route? However, IMO the relative Today/Yesterday plus the local [u]time[/u]stamp seems to work pretty nicely in the Vivaldi forum (or it would/will when this bug is worked out). Nevertheless, I personally would like to see a forum option to display actual dates rather than relative, for all posts.

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