Option to use External Editor as Source Viewer

  • Vivaldi needs an option to call an external editor (e.g., Notepad++) for control-U. This would be very convenient for developing Web pages.

  • @trmarcus Since this hasn't been implemented and the original request is 8 months old, I'm "replying" to bring it up again. (I think that complies with the rule against making a new request for something that has already been requested.)

  • @trmarcus I already voted for the feature request earlier.

  • @pesala Yes, but this apparently has nowhere near enough votes to even get on the list. Since it was buried after 8 months, I thought "topping" it periodically might get it more votes. It seems to have done that. Is that approach consistent with community guidelines, or can you recommend a better way?

  • @trmarcus The best way is to just wait. I don't think the number of upvotes has a major impact on what gets done, as there are many with a lot more votes than this one that are still not done. It's much more to do with what is feasible.

    You can be sure that the Team know about this request.

    If others post the same request, it will be marked as a duplicate with a link to the original feature request. That way, popular feature requests get voted for and replied to in a natural way.

  • external editor - is very NEED!!!

  • Can we have it, please? I miss this feature badly since the first day of my life with Vivaldi...

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