Private Tab/Window Option for Handled URLs

  • By "handled URL" I mean any link you click anywhere outside of Vivaldi that gets passed to Vivaldi by the OS because Vivaldi is the default URL handler (default browser).

    As an option in preferences I would like to be able to specify permanently, temporarily (single browsing session), or per URL (dialog choice), whether to open the [passed] URL in a regular tab/window or in a private tab/window.

    For instance, if you've created a new account while in a private browsing session, you may receive an email with an activation/verification link. If you'd rather keep that account private, there should be a simple method to open the link in your private session.

    There will be naysayers who simply say that you can manually copy and paste the link. But that is not the point, nor is it secure. If the URL gets copied to the clipboard, then it is not private. Your clipboard is an open book to just about anything on your computer (security software, malware, spyware, "nanny" software, clipboard "helpers," etc.)


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