Panel Toggle only works when window is maximised

  • I have a wide format monitor. I like to leave the left side 1/3rd of monitor free for access to the desktop, have common folders and icons there, also reading across the full screen is tiresome. Have always been a fan of "Show panel toggle" in old Opera, I have selected for panel to show on right side of Vivaldi window, I have tried hard to position the window so that Toggle action works, but no success. Just noticed that I can close the open panel with " Panel toggle switch" after opening with F4 or from drop down menu>View>Toggle Panel, but would be nicer if I could do it with a flick of the mouse to right side of screen.

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    Did you try "snapping" window to right side and then dragging the left edge until you have 2/3 covered?

  • I'm sure I tried that yesterday, but I just tried it now and it does work!

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    Yay. :cheer:


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