Ability to combine domain and keyword filter in vivaldi://history

  • Currently, the Vivaldi "advanced" history looks nice and cool, and is efficient to check our browsing habits. However, I don't think it is a real help to look for something (meaning we can do it otherwise):

    • If I only need a simple keyword research, I can use the history panel.
    • If I need to filter the dates, 90% of the time the history panel is enough again (using the "last XX days" filter)

    However, if the search is complex, I want to be able to progress step by step: I remember it was that day, then this website, then this keyword, and so on...

    The 2 ways I see to implement it (it may be done otherwise):

    • Either: Limit the search field to keywords, and use an other field or item to filter the domains.
    • Or: Allow multiple words in the search field, connected by OR or AND logical syntax (or "|", "&", ...)

  • Actually, I noticed today that at least a limited set of regex seem to work in the vivaldi://history search field!


    • ivaldi finds pages with 'vivaldi' keyword
    • ^ivaldi finds nothing
    • ^vivaldi finds pages starting with 'vivaldi' keyword

    So it seems that the ^ symbol is recognized (meaning "starting with" in regular expressions).


    • vivaldi|google does in fact find pages containing either vivaldi or google.
    • vivaldi.net finds pages on "vivaldi.net" domain


    • vivaldi.net|google does not find the corresponding Vivaldi pages

    To sum up:
    It seems that regular expressions work in some cases, but that a specific behavior is triggered as soon as domain is detected in the search field (maybe when using dots?).
    In this case, the regex symbols are not taken into account anymore.

    @somebody_from_vivaldi's team: Can a dev confirm the current and/or expected behavior?

    Actualy, the "regex like" behavior seems to be specific to Linux... Ex: ^vivaldi does not work on Windows... Anyway, my question remains relevant: what is the expected behavior?


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